Here at Abacare Counselling Services we are strong advocates for self care. Self care is important for your physical health as well as your mental health and wellbeing. Self care produces positive feelings, can increase your confidence, improve your self esteem, increase your energy levels and help you work more effectively. Self care is also important for your family and friends. They learn from you, so making time to take care of yourself sets an example and shows them that it is important to put themselves first sometimes and not to overextend or overwork. We all need to practice self care for optimum health and wellbeing.

So how do we self care:

Firstly ask yourself this question; ‘what are my needs’?  Is there something you can do for yourself that will improve your mind and body, is there a way to help or increase your positive thinking.? Below is a list of some of the things you can do for self care.

·  Make that Dr or Dentist appointment that you have been putting off

· Go for a walk or do some form of exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins which promote our health and wellbeing. There are some lovely parks and recreation centre’s in the district’s of Camden, Cambelltown and Narellan.

· Catch up with an old friend who you haven’t seen for sometime, call them or send them an email, maybe meet for lunch and a chat.

· Do something today that will make your life easier tomorrow, such as, making the kids school lunches today and placing them in the refrigerator ready for tomorrow or preparing your work items in advance.

· Get your hair or nails done, do something that we make you feel good about yourself.

· Wear your favourite scent, create a relaxing atmosphere by burning some candles and listening to some relaxing music.

· Have a nice long bubble bath.

· Read a book

Self care doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money or time and the benefits are instant. A lack of self care can have an adverse affect on your relationship with others. For more information on self care or if something is preventing you from self care please call Abacare Counselling Services in Campbelltown or Camden and we will be happy to assist you.