Holding on to anger, resentment, and hostility hurts you psychologically, emotionally, and physically. Don’t give over your power to have positivity in your life just to harbour a grudge. You need to find a way to move past it. If you are holding on to anger and hurt instead of forgiving the person who violated you, you are limiting your capacity to feel good. Many great religious and spiritual traditions address the issue of forgiveness, reminding us that at our sacred centre or core, we are inherently happy.


Overcome that anger with these tips:

1. Whenever you slip into a place of pain and sadness, say a blessing for yourself.
2. Then say a blessing for the person who hurt you. Tell them (in your heart, if not out loud) that you will no longer take them or the memory of that incident any further into your life.
3. Then intentionally release the anger and hurt. Say an affirmation such as, “I release the anger I feel over this hurt.”
Forgive, bless and release. That’s the way to keep your heart and mind open.
From “The little book of Self-care – 200 ways to refresh, restore and rejuvenate” Adams Media