This was a very interesting article writting by Peace Quarters its worth a read. It outlines all the different things we may do as parents that damage our children without realizing it. Being a parent we all want the best for our children and sometimes what we think is the right behaviour may not always be. Find out if your parents were making these errors when they raised you. And if you are a parent, try to avoid these 13 behavious, because this hurts your child:

  1. Failing to create a secure and supportive environment
  2. Criticizing their child’s every move
  3. Demaning all the attention
  4. Making hurtful jokes
  5. Blaming it all on the kid
  6. No allowing to express thoughts and emotions
  7. Being scary and frightening
  8. Thinking only about themselves
  9. Wanting to fulfill their dreams though their kid
  10.  Controlling the kid with money and guilt
  11. Giving silent treatment
  12. Ignoring Boundaries
  13. Making their kids responsible for their happiness

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