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Abacare Marriage Counselling

Our Macarthur based practice specialises in marriage counselling. We focus on helping couples to improve their relationships and respond to problems and difficulties in ways that bring them closer together, rather than drive them apart. Relationship couselling can also help partners to clarify uncertainty or ambivalence about their relationship, to heal wounds, and to better function together as a couple.

Most couples experience conflict and difficulty. It is normal to argue from time to time, and excessive avoidance of conflict can be a problem in itself. However, recurrent unresolved conflict is unproductive, and many couples experience significantly more conflict and distress than they need to.

Equally, rather than experiencing excessive conflict, some couples experience a drifting apart over time. Without meaning to, they can find themselves feeling disconnected from one another, which can be lonely and isolating. It can also lead to a sense of the relationship having lost its spark or of being “out of love”. Couples counselling or marriage counselling can help couples to re-connect and revive their bond.

Common problems areas that bring people to marriage or relationship couselling include:

  • Affairs /sexual infidelity
  • Frequent arguments, or a repeated argument about the same issue(s).
  • Conflicts about children or family members
  • A feeling of disconnectedness from ones partner
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feeling hurt, angry, disrespected or neglected.
  • Conflicts about financial or career matters.
  • Conflicts about gambling, addictions or behavious
  • Difference in sexual needs, lack of sexual connection or other difficulties with sexual intimacy

Marrige Counselling

Why Counselling

When couples find they can no longer communicate effectively, it is hard to find someone to talk to

who won’t be judgemental or take sides. It’s a good feeling to be told it’s not your fault it’s theirs.

But it does not solve the issue. It does not bring back your love.

Counselling provides a third party who is not judgemental and who will not take sides.

A counsellor will provide a safe place for you to bring up issues that have been avoided or have so

far been unsolvable and allow you both the space to explore, talk about and resolve the issues



How Counselling works

Counselling works because you chose to come and you want your relationship to work. It works by

talking with each other about problems that have either risen recently or have been around over the


The counsellor will listen to each of you and ask any questions they feel are relevant to their

understanding of the issue. The counsellor will then ask your partner what they heard and how do

they respond. By doing this each of you are forced to listen to the other without interrupting,

something most people find difficult to do in an emotionally charged argument. And no. Most issues

are not resolved in one session. It takes time for you both to process what has been said and to

come to terms with the feelings that the session raised. But inroads have been started – and they

won’t take as long as Narellan Road!

Why Choose us

Although Abacare Counselling is quite young in the field, Kerryn has an extensive career in

counselling and community work.

Kerryn holds a Master in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy from the Jansen Newman Institute,

a leading educator in the field, where all the lecturers are at the top of their field of practice. She is

also a Supervisor and is registered with the Australian Counselling Association as both a Supervisor

and Counsellor.

Kerryn has done further studies in Sandplay Therapy and has her office set out with thousands of

miniatures and a large sandtray. She has a mobile unit which travels to Minto to work with disabled

children and a setup at Carrington where she works with residents who have dementia. This is part

of the Leisure and Lifestyle at Werombi Court. Kerryn has introduced sandplay into Grasmere and

Mary Mackillop as well. Both are volunteer positions.

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Abacare Counselling is a specialised marriage therapist that helps save marriages and families. Relationship counselling helps families, couples and marriages with issues and problems through therapy.